NSC's Structure


President of Mongolia, Head of the National Security Council

ENKHBOLD Miyeegombo

Speaker of the Parliament, Member of the National Security Council


Prime Minister of Mongolia, Member of the National Security Council

President of Mongolia according to the Constitution chairs the National Security Council. The Speaker of the Parliament and Prime Minister are members of the Council, which consists of the head, members, secretary, advisor, speaker and experts. The President appoints the Secretary of the Council.

Vice Speaker of the Parliament, Director of the Standing Committee on Security and Foreign Policy and leaders of political parties in the Parliament may participate in the Council meeting with advisory status. Members of the Government, specialized agencies and the General Staff of Armed Forces may make presentations before the Council meeting. They are responsible for making presentation and drafting a decision in their respective fields and have the duty to implement the decision by the Council meeting. Normally the national security experts are appointed by the President on the basis of full time or free-lance employment. The experts perform research, analysis and professional recommendations on specific issues and drafting the Council decisions.