What is National Security ?

Pursuant to the Law on National Security:

National security is a condition where Mongolia’s national interests are solidly secured internally and externally. “National interests” include Mongolia’s independence; territorial integrity; existence of Mongolian nation and culture; national unity; conditions where human rights and stable as well as balanced economic and ecologic development are secured. 

“Activities to ensure national security” are defined as state strategies that intend to guarantee in every way secured and strengthened national interests undertaken by organizations, business entities, officials and citizens. 

Pursuant to the National Security Concept 

I.1. National security

I.1.1. Mongolia’s national security shall mean ensuring external and internal favorable conditions for securing and protecting the genuine national interests of Mongolia.

I.1.2. Mongolia’s genuine national interests shall incorporate the very existence of the Mongolian people and its civilization, independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of its borders, national unity, constitutional establishment, security, economic independence and sustainable ecological development. 

I.1.3. The prime purpose of ensuring national security shall be safeguarding and guaranteeing national independence, sovereignty and unity.

I.1.4. Parliamentary governance built on respect for human rights and freedoms, the rule of law as well as democratic state structure built on social stability shall be the preeminent guarantee for assurance of national security.

I.1.5. Mongolia’s national security shall be attained when the interrelationship between state, society and civilians’ security is assured.

I.1.6. Protection and preservation of national history, language, culture, heritage, customs and traditions shall serve as fundamental and vital requisites for the existence and vitality of the Mongolian identity and nationality.

I.2. Principles of Ensuring National Security

I.2.1. Respect for a National Sense of Patriotism

Mongolia’s national security shall depend upon active actions of each Mongolian citizen as creator, defender and holder of national values. 

I.2.2 Interaction between State and Citizen

The prime responsibility of the state shall be to ensure national security.  The state shall provide its citizens with wide-ranging information and knowledge on security issues as well as possibilities for cooperation and contribution towards the protection and enhancement of national security.  

I.2.3. Integrated Security Strategy

National security shall be assured through the interrelationship among the “security of the existence of Mongolia”, “economic security”, “internal security”, “human security”, “environment security” and “information security”. 

I.2.4. Knowledge Based Approach

The approach to security and action-making shall be based on knowledge, information and analysis. 

I.2.5. Realistic Approach

Potential threats and challenges shall be realistically identified and the remedies and resources shall be efficiently found.   

I.2.6. Globalization Impact

While world globalization increases the vulnerability and dependency of a state upon others; it offers opportunities for safeguarding national interests through use of external ways and means.   

National Security Today 

Globalization and newly emerging socio-economic environment are not only bringing development and growth but also creating threats and dangers. Mongolia under current circumstances, vulnerable to worldwide economic crisis, infectious disease, climate change and natural disasters takes policies based on knowledge, information and analysis with a view to determine and deal with potential risks and challenges. 

In the past national security has been defined in terms of threats to traditional politics and military insecurity. Today threats of economic crisis, natural disasters, infectious diseases, new communications environment and non-traditional threats to societal development have to be taken into consideration. Having in mind a scope of means and ways to ensure national security not only to protect interests of the state but also interests of the society, individuals and legal entities, we are implementing an individual-centered policy consistent with new global approach that primarily ensures security of the individuals.  

Guarantee of human rights, safe and secure human life are a source of social stability and prosperity leading to the most favorable conditions where national security will be ensured.