About the National Security Council of Mongolia

According to the Law on National Security Council of Mongolia, the National Security Council is a highest state consultative body coordinating the elaboration and implementation of the integral state policy on ensuring national security and executing control over how this coordination is being carried out.

New Constitution was adopted on January 13, 1992 which establishes a presidential institution. Article 3.1.10 of the Constitution states that the President will be a chairman of the National Security Council. On May 29, 1992 the State Baga Khural which was set up as a result of the 1990 democratic revolution established the Council by adopting National Security Council Law. This law defines main principles and powers, functions, composition and structure of the Council. 

In international practice, historically, an organization named National Security Council was first established in the USA after the Second World War in the form of a system that advices the President on internal security and foreign policy. Since then, other countries have established such a system with official names such as National Defense Council, Security Council and Central Military Committee, but, by the end of 1990s, the name, National Security Council became a common name for the system. Recently, in 2010, David Cameroon, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, newly established a National Security Council, replacing the commission within the government that had the same function.