Activities of the National Security Council

The National Security Council is the highest state consultative organization that examines elaboration and implementation of Mongolia’s national security policy. The legal basis of the Council’s activities is the Constitution, Law on National Security and other related legislation. Law on the National Security Council states that the Council will undertake its activities based on the National Security Concept.  

Since 1994 National Security Concept fulfilled its ends and purposes there came a need to renew the concept so as to make it consistent with changing conditions and situations creating a new internal and external environment. Consequently a revised concept was drafted by a working group headed by the Secretary of the NSC and consisted of the NSC Executive Office staff, NGOs, citizens, intellectuals and Parliament members. Thus a new Concept was adopted by the Parliament on July 25, 2010. 

As the new National Security Concept becomes effective, around 70 security related laws have to be amended. Additionally the Foreign Policy Concept and other major documents are to be amended as well. The primary aim for the state institutions is to generate most favorable conditions internally and externally for strengthening independence, sovereignty and prosperity of Mongolia.   

President of Mongolia as the Head of the NSC initiated a law on “Air Pollution in the Capital” and introduced issues to the Council meeting such as preventive measures against dangers of earthquake, prohibiting nuclear waste burial in Mongolia, strengthening fight against narcotics and improving protection, monitoring and registration of cultural and historical valuables.