The Institute for Strategic Studies

According to Law on the National Security Council, the Council may set up a working group and have an independent research entity to work on the issues deemed necessary as related to the vitality important directions for national interests and national security as well as domestic and international developments.

The Institute for Strategic Studies was established on February 1990 as a strategic studies center affiliated with the Ministry of Defense of Mongolia. Its objectives were to study the military-political and military-strategic environment around Mongolia, the factors that affect or could affect that environment, to produce strategic analytical reports on the country’s security and provide recommendations thereon, to undertake research and advocacy works to promote better public understanding of the defense issues of the country. 

From the middle of 1990s the area of research was expanded to include studies on Mongolia’s over-all security environment and international defense cooperation so as to promote fuller understanding and implementation of the national security and foreign policy concepts as well as of the State military policy.

Vast changes are underway at the beginning of XXI century in international relations, in the external security environment of Mongolia as well as in the country itself, including in the national development policy as well as the prospects and challenges connected with the changes in the last years. These changes and transformations demand the expansion of the scope of scientific research work of the Institute and embrace other issues, including multilateral factors that affect economic, social, environmental and information security.

Bearing the above in mind in May 2006 the Government of Mongolia up-graded the Institute’s status to independent research arm of the National Security Council of Mongolia. With the change of the status, the basic areas of scientific research, its content and methodology are also being changed bringing it thus closer to the level of security and strategic study institutes of developed countries.

The Institute is keen on being rather Think-Tank institution.