Information and Analytical service

An independent office of Information and Analytical Service operates in structure of the Office of the National Security Council which is in charge of supplying the Council with strategic information and policy guides about internal and external circumstances affecting the national security of the country.

In the concept of National Security of Mongolia it is stated that “Activities ensuring national security shall be wholly based on information analysis”. This is the basis of Information and Analytical Service’s operations and the structure was established by President’s decree for establishing Operative Information Service in 2007.

The structure was expanded by President’s decree No.157 issued on November 23th, 2009 to establish Information and Analytical Service. The Service now includes director, senior expert, experts in charge of internal and external affairs, information database administer and specialists. 

Analytical works encompassing regional and international events are included in such publications as “Contemporary world problems”-issued every week, “Central Asian contemporary problems”-issued every ten days, and “Monthly news bulletin”-issued every month. 

The Service compiles all information obtained from internal and external resources for ensuring national security according to the President’s order to provide National Security Council of Mongolia with information and collects them in electronic database of the Council.  Also the Service is in charge of maintenance of information sharing structure of the Council and it’s Office and information security. 

Information and Analytical Council was established under the National Security Council’s Office for providing a platform of information exchange in times of emergency. The structure, members, and procedure of this Council is established under President’s decree.

Secretary of National Security Council is head of Information and Analytical Council and is in charge of collecting necessary information from heads of organizations in charge of national security matters, processing the information and delivering the conclusion to the President and members of National Security Council.